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20 Oct 2014 Fresh Blood, New Server, Ingame DJs

FRESH BLOOD! (likely today) Uhm, yeah, well, it has been "a little" while ever since we picked new players for the position of a trial (the ones with pink usernames). In fact it has been 310 days from recruiting new trials along with our new Lobby on 14. Dec. 2013 (Caroline was not picked in the regular manner) - therefore this time we are having a bigger refresh trying to cover most of the moderational needs. Whether it's about having professional moderators for the astonishing...

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4 Oct 2014 Protect the President

Protect the President Today we are introducing gamemode unlike any other. Protect the President is cooperative third person shooter with some aspects of roleplay. Players can join one of 6 classes: PresidentSecret ServicePoliceMedicsCiviliansTerrorists Team members have to work together in order to achieve common goal. President, protected by Secret Service and Police, is trying to survive for 15 minutes. Terrorists are there to make it not happen. Civilians can join either...

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1 Jul 2014 02.07.2014 - Let the games begin! Aka FFS Gaming's Royal League

Good evening FFS gamers! I am proud to present you something new today, FINALLY (yes, we do know that updates have been lacking this year, but we are about to change that – I'm back in action for some time and will be helping out). As the introductory image reveals, we are starting a new league, called The Royal League. When does it start? NOW! When does it end? NEVER! Yes, that's right, never. We have a huge community and it's about time we'd exploit it to the fullest. So, how...

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FFS Gaming (formerly named |FFS|Racing) is a Multi Theft Auto San Andreas clan and a server which was founded in April 2010 by Bauss and Reny. It started out as a DM/DD server, which was launched on June 29 2010. Our focus has always been on racing-type gamemodes in MTA:SA, but we have also hosted other game servers over the time, along with Team Fortress 2 and Trackmania. Our main principle is to stand out of the crowd, to innovate and to be a trendsetter. We are the home of different mapping tools (VCLG & Toolbox) that kickstarted a new era in mapping. In summer 2012, we launched the first multi-gamemode server on MTA:SA which quickly became a big success. Today, we are the #1 largest racing-type server on MTA:SA and #2 most popular server overall.


  • 36 clan members
  • 122,596 registered players
  • 2,198 maps
  • 4,063,190 hours of playtime
  • 277,132 posts
  • 40,962 threads
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