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31 Dec 2015 Happy 2016, FFS!

FFS Gaming wishes all of you a Happy New Year! This year had lots of ups and downs, gains and losses, victories and defeats, however they did not define this year. 2015 was defined by your joy, your laughs, your smiles, on what we call our community. Your joy has always been the most important thing to us. As FFS Gaming we will always innovate & spoil our community. Therefore, in 2016, as FFS Gaming we promise to give our very...

16,451 views, 188 comments
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3 Dec 2015 The Legacy of FOTL & WFF on FFS Gaming

THE LEGACY OF (13.04.2007 – 03.12.2015) FOTL has been one of the big and historic racing communities on MTA, but as many of you might have noticed, FOTL's server has been in a steady decline for a while. It has arrived to a point in which it is rational to close up shop, and put an end to one chapter in the history books. The server and forums of FOTL will be closed up gradually from this point on. A thrilling joyride that...

19,822 views, 160 comments
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25 Oct 2015 New Pieces of Puzzle

Hello! We felt like we needed a little help, so we decided to include more people into our collective journey. We want to be a team, for the best experiences in any game are those you share with your friends. We'll make you feel at home. That being said, please give a warm welcome to the new pieces of our puzzle: An overweight chipmunk to squash all the rule breakers in stuntage. A physioncal therapist (instead of physical) to...

20,850 views, 173 comments
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FFS Gaming (formerly named |FFS|Racing) is a Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas clan and a server which was founded in April 2010 by Bauss and Reny. It started out as a DM/DD server, which was launched on 29.06.2010. Our focus has always been on racing type gamemodes in MTA: SA, but we have also hosted other game servers over the time, along with Team Fortress 2 and Trackmania. Our main principle is to stand out of the crowd, to innovate and to be a trendsetter. We are the home of different mapping tools (VCLG & Toolbox) that kickstarted a new era in mapping. In summer 2012, we launched the first multigamemode server on MTA: SA which quickly became a big success. Today, we are the #1 largest racing type server on MTA: SA and #2 most popular server overall.


  • 41 clan members
  • 200,229 registered players
  • 2,198 maps
  • 7,288,684 hours of playtime
  • 375,757 posts
  • 54,254 threads
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